Would Your Home Benefit From a New Roof?

Discover the many advantages of a new roof

When wear and tear has taken its toll, a new roof may be the only answer. ER Roofing Co. has you covered with expert roof replacement and installation services.

We can easily remove any and every part of your existing roof or start from scratch, if needed. Our team can also work with your homeowner’s insurance to help with your costs toward a new roof.

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3 great reasons to install a new roof

3 great reasons to install a new roof

A brand-new roof can provide a lot of benefits to your home. No matter the age of your home or where you live, a new roof is a cost-effective way to bring value to your house.

Three great reasons to get a new roof include:

  1. Raising your home’s value – Any repair can raise the value of your home, but a full roof replacement is a great way to raise the value significantly.
  2. Protecting your home from the elements – Bad weather can strike at any time and bring with it rain, snow or wind into your home. A new roof provides better protection.
  3. Increased insulation – The heat of the summer and the cold of the winter can be kept at bay with a brand-new roof, keeping your heating and cooling bills low.

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